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About BetaTales

BetaTales is about content – and how the digital world changes all the dynamics around content. It is also the story of a journalist´s travel into the field of content marketing.

I was a journalism student in the 1980s. Back then content production was pretty much a one-way street – and a craft only to be performed by an exclusive and priviledged group of journalists, photographers and authors.

Of course everyone could write an article. But the threshold for having it reach an audience was so high that producing professional-level content was a sport for the few.

It was the time when companies had to pay huge amount of money to place their ads in newspapers or TV stations – just because there were no other ways to distribute a message.

The content market has been revolutionized

Long gone is the monopoly of the media companies.

Today every brand can be a publisher. There are probably many more journalists working for regular commercial brands and public organizations than for the media companies.

There is more content than ever. The quality is higher than ever. At the same time journalism in the classic sense is under pressure.

BetaTales is about content trends and strategy

I have spent most of my career working with content – but from different angles:

  • For many years I was journalist and editor in Norway´s largest newspaper, Aftenposten
  • I switched to digital media in 2006 – and spent years trying to develop new business models for the media
  • Now I am Chief Communications Officer for Schibsted Tech Polska, a large programming hub in Krakow, Poland. One of my tasks will be to create quality content to promote our company as an exciting employer

In BetaTales I will try to use my personal experience in looking at content trends and strategy from different perspectives.

A new concept for BetaTales

BetaTales started as a blog about digital media trends. After a couple of years break it is now brought to life again with a renewed concept – much more focused on content trends and strategy.

It is still very much my own personal journey in understanding the forces influencing modern storytelling and content production.

BetaTales is a private experimental project and not affiliated with my employer.

You can connect to BetaTales – and me – several places: