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Good articles to read about iPad

Media manager? Here are some articles I have found to be particularly useful to read about the new iPad.

This blog post will be developed over time adding more articles as I read them. Do not hesitate to suggest interesting articles in the comments area.

CNET review: Apple iPad

This review gives an excellent overview of all the features in iPad and how the tablet performs.  Read it to be sure you have all the important facts.

For a more personal and less technical review, demonstrating how the iPad is the first real family computer, try ReadWriteWeb.

Monday Note: Catching the iPad wave – seven thoughts

I have great respect for Frederic Filloux and enjoy reading his weekly newsletter Monday Note.  In this article he points out some of the long term consequences of iPad, especially with regard to media companies. One of his arguments is how the first media apps in the iPad app store soon will have to be replaced with “generation 2” apps reinventing navigation and how content is put together.

Baekdal.com: Debunking the digital magazine

All newspaper and magazine editors thinking about developing products for iPad should read this reflective article by Thomas Baekdal.  Deliver “news,” not “papers”! Stop thinking print!

Harvard Business Review has an article along the same lines: The iPad won’t save the publishing industry from itself

New York Times: Developers scramble to strike iPad gold

Although there are already more than 3000 iPad apps available, we have hardly seen anything but a small portion of the many apps that will be developed over the next few months. Now having the tablet in their hands, smart developers will rush to build compelling and high-quality apps. And some of the will make big money.

Huffington Post: Media iPad apps – Will these newspaper and magazine apps save the media industry?

A quick slide show presenting 10 of the first newspaper and magazine apps for iPad. Not much of a discussion here, really, but you get glance of how some of the media companies are thinking in phase 1 of the iPad platform.

Nieman Journalism Lab: Three iPad design choices that will influence how we read news online

Here are three different navigation choices offered in the first news apps to make their way to iPad: Story-to-story navigation, diving right in and The Times’ cyberclaustrophobia.   Which one will work best?

Wall Street Journal: Some publishers are wary of sales on iTunes

Apple charges publishers 30 % and gives very little customer data in return. This has irritated many publishers, and some hope for alternative and more publisher-friendly platforms for selling content on iPad and other e-readers.

Reflections of a Newsosaur: How print publishers can win with iPad

Alan D. Mutter argues that iPad can combine the best elements of print, web and mobile – if done right.

BuzzMachine: iPad danger – app v. web, consumer v. creator

Jeff Jarvis, author of the book “What would Google do?”, describes iPad as retrograde in a very critical article on his popular blogg BuzzMachine. His main argument is that iPad moves us towards a more closed world of content rather than opening up for more creation and sharing.  To pick up major criticism of Apple you should also read Cory Doctorov’s article in Boing Boing: “Why I wouldn’t buy an iPad”. Both of these article have lots of valuable comments from engaged readers.

Harvard Business Review: Apple’s Strategic iParadox

Umar Haque, director of the Havas Media Lab at Harvard University, argues that Apple has chosen a path which is strategically self-destructive.

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