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“Mobile internet usage will be bigger than most people think”

Morgan Stanley’s analyst  Mary Meeker gave a comprehensive presentation of mobile trends during the Web 2.0 Summit this week. She predicts mobile internet usage is exploding and that Apple/iPhone will continue to lead the way.

Meeker’s presentation is full of interesting facts and trends about mobile internet usage. I have included the whole presentation below.

One of her major points it how the mobile internet usage will explode in the years to come. Especially use of iPhone has kicked of this development. But she also points to how Android telephones make people surf much more on the web than on other mobile devices.

In fact mobile internet usage now is growing much faster than the adaption of internet on desktop computers.

Another important trend is location based services. “Location changes everything. This one input – our coordinates – has the potential to change all the outputs”, she states.

For platforms she believes Apple will continue to drive the market in the next 1-2 years. However, in a longer term open mobile web (such as Google Android phones) will pose challenges.

Meeker also points out how changes in social networking and mobile computing platforms (led by Facebook and Apple ecosystems) are fundamentally changing ways people communicate with each other and ways developers/advertisers/vendors reach consumers.

See many more points in the presentation.

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