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Everybody can be a videojournalist

Any idiot can run a video camera, claims video visionary Michael Rusenblum.  Forget about expensive equipment and long training. It is easy. Just do it.

That was his message to the Society of Editors annual conference as he with great enthusiasm tried to explain to the newspaper editors how they had no time to loose. His presentation is worth watching, although the quality of the video contradicts his message that making video is just so easy.

Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors 08 from Paul Bradshaw on Vimeo.

Michael Rusenblum used to be a CBS news producer, but decided to become a video journalist instead. Since then he has trained video journalists in a number of big media companies, including BBC and Voice of America.

– The cost of making video is close to zero, Rusenblum claims. The technology is there. Everyone can do it.

So why don’t the newspapers send out all their reporters with a video camera then?

Rusenblum’s response: Because nobody really wants a new invention! It messes up our business!

This is his message to the editors: You are not in the newspaper business! You are in the business of going out into the communities and find the stories and change the advertisers for those eyeballs!

I think it is not a bad idea to spend few minutes listening to him, although the video is not that hight quality. :)  Here is part 2:

Michael Rosenblum @ Society of Editors 08 pt2 from Paul Bradshaw on Vimeo.

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